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Introducing the unveiling of Vijrini 1.0, an advanced enterprise migration and management automation platform

Automate Cloud Migration with Vijrini 1.0

We are announcing our revolutionary migration and management platform for applications thriving in Kubernetes. With our in-built upstream Kubernetes version, you can migrate to the cloud up to 5 times faster and reduce your application's total cost of ownership by 30-70%. Experience the seamless performance, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Unleash the full potential of your business with the perfect blend of human ingenuity and cutting-edge technology!

Supercharge IT strategy with Scalable Integration Solutions

Drive agility and innovation with well-implemented APIs!

Unleash the full potential of your business with the perfect blend of human ingenuity and cutting-edge technology!

Specialized in Salesforce Solutions & Services

Reduce the cost of Salesforce implementation

Unleash the full potential of your business with the perfect blend of human ingenuity and cutting-edge technology!

Accelerate the process of digital transformation

About Us

Anahata Inc. Innovating IT Solutions to Supercharge your Future.

We are committed to helping our customers realize the full potential of their IT investments. Our experienced professionals are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and expertise to help your business optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and drive revenue growth. Our services and solutions are tailored to meet your needs, and we work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your budget and timeline requirements. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum return on your IT investments. We have years of experience driving digital transformation with modern technology stacks and are here to help guide yours.

  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Supercharge your digital strategy
  • Easy to do business
  • Dedicated and committed professionals
  • Cost savings for our customers
  • We know cutting edge technology stack
Why Choose Us

We are an innovative team to supercharge your digital strategy

We have decades of IT services experience. Our IT services are of the highest quality and are backed by our team of experienced engineers and technicians. We can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and budget. We offer competitive rates for our IT services and can help you save money on your IT costs. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in the latest IT technologies and can provide you with the best possible solutions. We use the latest security measures to protect your data and systems.

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    We have had an excellent experience providing IT services. Our team works hard to ensure that we give the best possible experience to our clients.

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    Customer Satisfaction

    We are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We prioritize ensuring that our customers are treated with respect and that their needs and concerns are met in a timely manner.

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    Our IT support commitment is to provide quality technical assistance and customer service to our clients. We will strive to quickly resolve any technical issues.

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    Methodical approach

    We focuses on processes, procedures, and best practices to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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    Advanced Technology

    Experience in the advanced technology stack that includes technologies such as AI/ML, cloud computing, IOT, integrations, CRM, RPA, and DevOps.

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    Competitive Pricing

    We are committed to offering competitive prices on our products and services.


Our Professional Services

Our professional services include providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. We offer strategic planning, digital IT transformation, project management, DevOps, RPA, and change management services. We also have expertise in developing and implementing systems and processes to improve the efficiency of businesses. Additionally, we provide training and consulting services designed to help our clients build their capacity for success. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in various industries and will work with you to develop a customized plan to help you reach your goals.

Digital Transformation

Deep expertise in driving your API/integration strategy using MuleSoft, Boomi, Informatica, and number of open source tools.


Our Salesforce experts can help your businesses manage CRM in an organized and effective way across departments and regions.

Oracle Cloud

Our Oracle Cloud experts can help you streamline releases across your ecosystem critical to driving innovation and agility in IT.

Process Automation

We leverage RPA, machine learning, and workflow automation to streamline, optimize, and automate your business processes.

Cloud transformation

With expertise in AWS, GCP, and Azure, we can future-proof your organization's operations, processes, and services.


Our team knows how to use data-driven techniques to develop AI/ML models to help you drive better decisions and predictions.