Our Management Team

At Anahata Inc, we hold ourselves to a rigorous standard when selecting our peers, including our executives. Our management team consists of astute entrepreneurs and industry experts, with a wealth of experience to offer our young company. They foster a vibrant culture and devote significant effort towards supporting our team's expansion, development, and achievement.


Ashish Kalve

Founder, President and CEO

Ashish Kalve is the Founder, President and CEO of Anahata Inc. Prior to founding Anahata Inc., Ashish founded International Business Application InfoTech, a Digital Solutions company, and Teach Me Ninja, an online education company.

Ashish, an industry veteran with over 26 years of experience in product development, consulting, and strategy, has a proven track record of success. As Director of Software Development at American Towers, he managed multiple product lines and successfully led a significant legacy transformation project. At Razorfish and Demandware, he led large-scale consulting engagements with Fortune 100 companies. Ashish as a speaker, presented a digital strategy at multiple Mulesoft conferences. Ashish's expertise in legacy transformation was also recognized by industry leaders, as demonstrated by the positive reception of his paper on the topic in a CIO publication. Additionally, he was awarded an Innovation Award in 2010 for his work on eCommerce storefront solutions.

Ashish holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a Master's in Business Management from Cambridge College, MA. Apart from work, Ashish has a passion for playing Tabla, enjoys running, practices Yoga, and is an enthusiastic reader.


Alberto Crema

Consulting CFO

Alberto Crema is the Consulting Chief Financial Officer at Anahata Inc., where he manages the company's finances.

Alberto has over 20+ years of financial leadership and insight into manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries in public and private settings. Alberto's expertise spans from strategic planning to supply chain operations. Alberto has experience in financing and government grants and has concluded several acquisitions and business integrations.

Alberto worked for Max Mara Fashion Group and Fiat Group in Italy. He spent the last 15 years working for Argo Tractors and Trelleborg Group in the agricultural, material handling, and construction industries.

When he's not working, Alberto travels to Italy and participates in outdoor exercise. Alberto earned his BS in Economics from the University of Parma, Italy, and later completed his MBA at the Keller Graduate School of Management.