Introducing the Vajrini 1.0 Enterprise Cloud Migration Platform

Recent studies indicate that a significant 80% of businesses face challenges when it comes to embracing cloud technology. In response, we present Vajrini 1.0, an enterprise cloud migration solution designed to address these hurdles. Our platform operates on a zero-trust, low-touch approach, enabling accelerated cloud adoption while achieving a remarkable 30% reduction in total cost of ownership. With our industry-first zero-trust policies, we prioritize maximum security, enforce governance, and ensure compliance throughout the cloud migration process.

  • Zero-trust, low-touch cloud platform
  • Designed to accelerate your cloud adoption
  • Achieve a significant 30% reduction in TCO
  • Enforce governance and compliance measures
  • Designed for easy adoption and implementation
  • 5x Faster deployment

Product Features

The Vajrini platform provides enterprises with prebuilt cloud adoption templates designed to be readily deployed and utilized. These templates offer a combination of exceptional efficiency and robust security.

Improve Agility

Vajrini 1.0 offers game-changing CI/CD automation that allows you to push out lightning-fast builds and deployments.

Reduce Risk

Vajrini's hardened application templates enterprise-grade guardrails, and zero-trust approach offer you ultimate security and compliance.

Reduce Cost by 30%

With auto-patching, self-healing capabilities, and integrated alert management, your environment becomes more resilient and cost-effective.

Ready-to-use Building Blocks

Enterprise engineering teams can choose from hundreds of stacks and start developing in minutes.

Stay Secure & Compliant

All stacks are scanned at build-time and during use for potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Achieve Scalability

With built-in clustering, replication, HA & DR, our stacks enable applications to grow and shrink as required.


Product Modules

  • 01

    Vajrini Stack

    Vajrini stacks are preconfigured, fortified, and validated Docker images of widely-used applications. They streamline operations by enabling rapid application onboarding, fostering agile development, and providing a dependable solution for efficient app management.

  • 03

    Vajrini GitOps Engine

    Upon initiating a commit, the Vajrini GitOps engine seamlessly automates creating and deploying the required Vajrini Stack. It accomplishes this by extracting code from the appropriate Git repository and performing comprehensive validations. This engine combines several technologies, including Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Helm, Python, and Bash, into a user-friendly and consolidated toolset.

  • 05

    Vajrini Deployment Manager

    The Vajrini deployment manager creates manifest files for seamless application deployment across various environments, including DEV, QA, PRE_PROD, and PROD. Deployments can be executed using Rolling upgrades, Blue/Green, or Recreate deployment strategies. This guarantees a streamlined and consistent deployment process, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of DevOps tasks.

  • 07

    Vajrini Dashboard

    The Vajrini dashboard, powered by Prometheus and Grafana, simplifies monitoring and maintenance tasks by providing a unified view of observability data, logs, alerts, and performance charts. It consolidates data from multiple log streams and presents it in a cohesive, actionable format, facilitating faster troubleshooting and issue resolution.

  • 02

    Vajrini Integration to GIT

    The Vajrini platform, deployed on customer accounts or premises, actively monitors code changes and commits while providing various integration possibilities. When utilizing Git, developers receive timely notifications about code commits through the use of webhooks.

  • 04

    Vajrini Workflow Manager

    Vajrini effortlessly integrates with workflow management systems such as Jira and ServiceNow. Once the build process is complete, Vajrini triggers the workflow manager to inform the assigned reviewer. By leveraging Vajrini, you can guarantee that only authorized changes are deployed to production.

  • 06

    Vajrini Observability

    Vajrini offers observability stacks that empower users to review, analyze, and audit system activities. A centralized log management system conveniently stores all system and application logs, accessible through a user-friendly dashboard for effortless search and review.

  • 08

    Vajrini Alert Manager

    The Vajrini alert manager enhances application visibility and operational efficiency. Through proactive and intelligent notifications, it promptly alerts SRE engineers of errors and critical system states, enabling swift and seamless resolution. The Vajrini alert system, based on rules, ensures effective incident management. Additionally, Vajrini alerts can be escalated to incident management systems such as Jira and ServiceNow.

    Are you interested in accelerating your cloud adoption with a fully automated solution that requires zero to minimal maintenance? Don't hesitate to reach out to us and get in touch!